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2014 was overall...normal? Nothing exceptional happened I guess.

I did a bit of travelling to a lot of places I've been to before but with new people so that was fun!

- (April) Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto - Went with colleague mainly for sakura in April
- (August) Bangkok, Kanchanaburi - This was a really random trip but I was so glad I went.
- (October) Dubai - First ever duty travel! I was there for a grand total of 24 hours but the experience on first class made it all worth it ^^
- (November - December) Seoul - Seoul in winter was nice, and we even managed to catch the first snow! Experienced a lot of random things there, and also suffered from a really bad case of food poisoning for the first time. Haha it took me a whole week to recover, and thinking back it was the most unglam moment of 2014.

Work-wise, work is fun and my colleagues are still around so that is great. There are recent changes to my portfolio but I'm doing okay I think. There's also office drama which makes work interesting but sometimes I really wish for people to just love each other and do their own work? Oh there was also a festive season decoration competition which we won =D I'm more apprehensive about the next two weeks coz there's a paper I wrote (which hasn't been approved, and doesn't even look like it'll be approved unless I make drastic changes) and will be presenting to half of management and I am SCARED. It's just a presentation but I think I need to do a lot more preparation for it in the upcoming days.

I'm still watching dramas/variety shows but somehow I've been more into Korean than Japanese, but that would change soon since I'm going to take the N2 JLPT at the end of next year =) I decided to revise and go for N3 classes before the N2 classes start in the 2nd half of the year so it'll be a year long preparation.

Thinking back, 2014 was really a mediocre year so here's to a more exciting 2015!
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10 October 2014 @ 05:18 pm
Oops I missed a day yesterday coz I was having some difficulty with some sentences =/ I'll also be travelling on Sunday so I might have to miss some days again. But I'll make up for it!

Vol. 38 BE COOL (Part 2)Collapse )
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08 October 2014 @ 02:10 pm
The next Kaihoku entry I'm going to (attempt to) translate would be Volume 38 - "Be cool". I think it's really apt, especially since I keep thinking how he's STILL kakkoii at this age, and how he has always been kakkoii. I've added the Japanese text so if you think something has been translated wrongly, or can be improved, please feel free to tell me ^^

Vol. 38 Be CoolCollapse )
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07 October 2014 @ 06:21 pm
Yay here's my first ever completed Kaihoku entry =) I've edited some parts and added more explanation if it helps.

Vol 2. The meaning of kindness
September 2003

Women would usually express their ideal lover as "Someone who loves me the most". Because it simply seems like a (selfish) demand, there were times when I thought "What the hell, stop bullshitting me, what’s with such a comment!". At other times, I’ve also thought that it’s surprisingly honest.

Actually, isn’t it something everyone has thought of before? It’s the same for the men too, just that men don’t say it out loud. It’s hard if it’s not reciprocated, and for us human beings, everyone wants to be loved by the person they like...

After falling in love with someone, you’d think “I want to tell him/her my feelings, but how should I go about doing that?” It all begins from your actions.

Such feelings of appreciation or cherish for the other party might perhaps even lead to kindness. Well, the exact form (of kindness) will depend on each individual. How giving (in terms of love) someone is depends on his personality, and there are also people who are the kind who receive or accept (love), and all these can be established from the start. Even simply based on the type of relationship itself, different kinds of kindness exist don’t they? If you firmly want a mutual relationship, even something strict can turn into kindness.

That’s why I think there’s nobody who’s absolutely truly kind. Because we’re not God. Isn’t it also a bit strange to say “That person is kind isn’t he?” to express someone’s character or personality? Instead, I feel that calling that person a “useful” person is much better.

As for me, I’m an easy-going person. In English, the closest word would be “easy” (he wrote "easy" in English)? I don’t particularly like the word “easy” itself. If one is “easy”, I feel that he would likely be associated with someone who’s without any boundaries. And I think men and women are no different in this instance. However, exclusive to women is the fact that they can give birth to a child, and in that instance, there is an amazing kindness that is intuitive.  Men can never feel or experience such a thing, so there is really nothing we can do but to respect women.

So what can men do then? I guess what men can do is to protect that existence. Also, other than that small thing that we can do, I would also like to be able to provide financial support. I mean it’s not like I want to be poor (and hence unable to provide financially).

Recently, I’ve caught myself thinking of something that made me go “hmm?” That thing is the expression~してあげる*. While watching movies, or dramas, this phrase will frequently naturally appear. However, for example, “Hold on a minute, I’ll bring it (for you)**” and “Hold on a minute, I’ll bring it**” – aren’t they very different? Well, it may simply be a matter of preference. Am I being too warped (something like pedantic) here? I know nobody has ever said that that phrase is not good but for instance, “あれ, I’ll tidy up (for you)” is absolutely a no go for me. I mean even if it’s not said out loud (that you are tidying up something for me), once you see it (that someone is tidying up something) you’ll know won’t you (that it was done for you)? If you then say “Sorry”, “ah, no, no, it’s okay”; somehow I would feel like I’ve done something bad (for instance not tidying up, and making you tidy up for me). Instead, “Thank you!” or something along that line would be perfectly fine wouldn’t it?

Whenever possible, I think I would want to always be someone who does something because he wants to. I also want to be someone who can connect with people. Because I want to be spontaneous, ideally, I would like my motives to arise out of kindness. If I think about it, of all the things I have done, rather than the person feeling grateful, I think I feel happier if the person was first and foremost surprised. I tend to seek an “Ehhh” sort of reaction, so I really dislike giving birthday or Christmas presents. I don’t like to have to choose an appropriate item just “because it’s an anniversary”. It feels like it’s something obligatory, and it doesn’t make one feel excited. Compared to such official anniversaries or special occasions, when it’s just an ordinary day, it’s more fun to personally hand someone a gift and say something like “I went shopping, and there was this thing that was just so you…so here you go”.

When hanging out with others, it’ll be great if there’s a manual, but in a manual, the things don’t move right? When you want to be nice to someone, at that moment, you don’t need any “occasion” or “manual”. Well that’s what I feel…

* して = do something   あげる = give   してあげる = do something for someone

**「ちょっと待って。俺、取って来てあげるから」 vs   「ちょっと待ってて。 俺、取って来るから」
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06 October 2014 @ 12:23 pm
Vol 2. The meaning of kindness
September 2003

Part 4Collapse )

I like how he really brings depth into even a seemingly simple topic such as "kindness". Here, he discussed the phrases used when you receive kindness from someone else. I like how he prefers a simple "Thank you", as opposed to being extra polite, which is not a bad thing of course, but in his example, I think it's more culturally imposed than something that is natural? Okay I'm not Japanese so I wouldn't know, but when I was studying this grammar point, I thought it was really unique and interesting.

I tried to explain the various phrases, but it's best read/understood in Japanese I guess (or rather, I'm just bad at providing translation notes).

I'm actually quite done with the rest of the entry, but I'll just post the complete entry as #5 tomorrow just in case I get too busy at work ^^ And 5 parts per entry is not too bad right? That sounds like I can do more than 3 entries in total...but I should refrain from being too ambitious ^^
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05 October 2014 @ 12:07 pm
VOL 2. The meaning of kindness
September 2003

Part 3Collapse )

Okay the next few paragraphs sound like something I've read before. So if anyone knows if someone has already translated or discussed this entry, please let me know! He's talking about doing something for someone "~してあげる” and not really liking that phrase. Coz if you've done something for someone, you shouldn't be saying "I did this for you" something along that line... I remember thinking about this while learning that in class so...I must have read it somewhere?

In any case, I like the part about his respect for women, and trying to classify the role of men/women. It's traditional (but I subscribe to that notion myself so I don't think it's offensive or going against gender equality or the sort) and simple.

Also if anyone finds any part weird, please feel free to help to edit the translation ^^ I'll be ever so grateful. 
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04 October 2014 @ 04:00 pm
Here's my 2nd entry, which is a continuation of the first. The new sections will be in a different colour to make it easier to follow.

VOL 2. The meaning of kindess (part 2)Collapse )

I hope I'm not butchering his words by my amateur translation but I really like this entry's topic of kindness, mainly in the context of a relationship. Kimura is very persceptive and can express nuances well. There are indeed many types of "kindness" which will differ depending on the person you are, the person you're with, or even what your motivations are. His insights are always refreshing to read and his sensitivity to the fact that things are always complex, and never black or white, is one of the things I really admire about him.

Also, I have to admit that I'm one of those whose ideal lover is "Someone who loves me the most", as selfish (or honest) as that sounds.

Have a good weekend everyone ^^ It's a long weekend here because of Hari Raya Haji, so yay to an extra rest day!

Oh and if anyone wants to correct any part of my translation, please feel free to do so!!! I can provide you the original entry in Japanese =)
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03 October 2014 @ 06:01 pm
I've decided to participate in the KT42 birthday challenge by doing some simple translations of Kaihoku. And by simple I mean a few paragraphs each day >< Since I wanted to be consistent, and to finish the challenge properly, I thought I should give myself a somewhat realistic challenge. I really hope I can complete the challenge and I think I should be able to finish at least 3 full Kaihoku entries by the time his birthday comes!

Here's the first one!

Vol 2. The meaning of kindnessCollapse )
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31 December 2013 @ 08:19 am
2013 has been a year filled with the best moments of my life as well as the most horrifying.

Overall did a bit of travelling to these beautiful places - Sri Lanka in January, Seoul in May, South America in June, and Yogyakarta in December.

First half of the year was simply wonderful. School was great (except personal property) and everything was rosy.

Second half of the year was overall so painful. Less painful now I guess, and I've resolved to start the new year happy and to leave the past behind. I should really live up to my favourite quote in Pride and Prejudice - "Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure"

The saving grace for the second half of the year was work, which may be ironic since people tend to not be very happy with work. I'm just really grateful that I am doing something I actually enjoy, and my colleagues are generally lovely people who look out for me, and are awesome to be around.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year! May we all be happy and healthy and have a wonderful 2014.
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I try so hard not to be bitter about things, and to be happy instead, but it's so difficult. In any case, I've decided to just accept my own feelings and not think about whether whatever I'm feeling is justified, or whether I deserve to be happy/angry/sad. If I'm happy/angry/sad, then I just am. And if that's a reflection of me as a person, then okay I'm probably horrible and have to simply work harder on becoming a better person.

I had plans to tell someone my side of the story coz I thought that if only 1 person were to know the whole picture then I'd feel slightly better and won't feel like I've been misrepresented or anything. But life has its own plans and I couldn't say anything in the end. Maybe it was a sign.

Really beginning to hate the person I'm becoming, and the way I've been slowly losing faith in things/people/life.

All is not bleak though. I love my work and the people at work.

Nonetheless life is hard.
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25 June 2013 @ 03:39 pm
So I shall write a quick summary of my grad trips.

#1: South Korea - Seoul, DMZ, Jeju, a few hours in Shanghai

This was a relaxing and fun trip.. full of shopping and viewing lovely scenery. Oh and we climbed Bugak-san too! I loved Jeju Island more than Seoul and we met a really nice couple on the plane, and then coincidentally two more times in Jeju itself. My favouritest place was Nami Island... The trees were just amazing. They had red, orange, yellow, green leaves and pretty flowers =) DMZ was really interesting too! We transited in Shanghai and was basically forced to leave the airport LOL so we went to the Bund coz that was the only place I rmbr from my previous Shanghai trip.

#2: South America - Brazil (Sao Paulo,Foz do Iguazu), Argentina (Puerto Iguazu, Buenos Aires, Mendoza), Uruguay (Colonia del Sacramento), Chile (Santiago, Val Paraiso), Peru (Arequipa, Cuzco, Inca Trek to Machu Picchu)

This was an adventure trip and we did exciting things like white water rafting in Chili River in Arequipa and the highlight which is the mother of all treks - the Inca trek to Machu Picchu. I swear after the trek I felt like I could do anything.

The trek was over 4 days, and we slept in tents and there was no proper toilet in any of our campsite. Like the toilets were REALLY gross. And we had to wake up early (as early as 3.30am once) and start walking and walking and climbing and walking. The worst day for most ppl was Day 2 coz we climbed the "dead woman's pass" (4200 m above sea level yo, no joke) but the worst day for me was Day 3.

Day 3 was the longest day and we walked for about... 11 km? Or something like that. It was just walking and walking and walking. It was particularly bad for me because #1 I was on day 3 of my period i.e. the heaviest day (yes lucky me, my uterus decided to start shedding on Day 1 of the trek), #2 I injured my right knee on Day 2 so every downhill step was a pain and so I was hobbling slowly like a penguin, #3 I felt like I was abandoned =( (subjective feeling, objectively I wasn't abandoned I guess). Because of my stupid knee, I was extremely slow so the group went ahead and sometimes I was left alone for hours because the guide went ahead to check on the group/fell behind to rest/was just not around. I was just realllly sad (plus dont forget hormones gone haywire). Oh and I had nothing with me coz apparently any additional weight pose some risk of me aggravating my stupid knee so I had no water/food/handsanitizer/pad/etc. It was just terribleeee.

Day 4 was finally Machu Picchu City itself and we could also finally shower (yes no shower facility in the jungle/mountain)!

Then if you think that was it, nopeee on Day 5 we climbed Waynapicchu (2720 m) LOL. It took us about...an hour to climb steps up the mountain and going down was horrifying. I resorted to using my butt to go down from the extremely steep steps.

So yupp I'm a survivor of the 4-day Inca Trek + Waynapicchu climb!!! And I think I can really survive anything now.

Another highlight is the Iguazu falls - mother of all waterfalls. Seriously. They are just humongous and really awesome. We took a boat right into the waterfalls and got soaked (because the stupid poncho didnt do its job well enough) but it was really fun! There were rainbows everywheree and we went right under one! So pretty.

I won't forget the looooong bus rides (and bus breakdowns/'toxic' fumes), the cold, the altitude sickness, how my dried pears got confiscated at the Chilean border, how we went from extreme hunger to being extremely full we couldn't walk, the most beautiful sunset ever at Colonia del Sacramento, and BARAKA STEAK. Zomg how could I forget that. The best steak I've ever tasted in my life and I'm not exaggerating. It was sooo good that we went there twice (and we had to walk 2 km to get there so it wasn't that accessible). It was so juicy and fatty (I don't eat fats at all but this was so good I ate them all). OH and the 'Cambio' experience where we were brought to this room in a secluded part of a building and there were burly Argentinians guarding a cubicle with stacks of cash on the table. All that for a better exchange rate lol. After that we chose to exchange our money with the 'florist' who had a 'flower shop', which was really just a front for his semi-illegal money exchange activity. Haha I won't be surprised if half the flowers were fake.

Finally I'm so grateful for my two travel buddies who were really awesome. They helped me carry my things when I was feeling weak (which was like all the time, but especiallyyy during the trek), and were extremely accommodating (e.g. food, prayer times, hostels need to have single rooms, pms, constipation, etc). I think this trip was awesome mostly because I went through it with them =) <3 <3 <3

Now I wait for 29th July when I start a new phase of my life - work. 
07 February 2013 @ 02:35 pm
hello everyone, I am hab's friend ;) hab said that she is very nice.

05 January 2013 @ 10:13 pm
It has been 5 days into the new year and all have been good so far alhamdulillah =) There was a surprise birthday party, we had a Turkey trip 'reunion' where we ate Turkish food lol and then I just climbed Bukit Timah Hill for the first time today in 'preparation' for Adam's Peak which I'm climbing next week in Sri Lanka. We took this route which led us to the summit in 20 mins LOL. That was super anti-climatic. But our 'descent' was more fun coz we basically tried out parts of all the possible routes (also because we got 'lost' at one point). 

Just felt like posting before I forget all that happened in 2012. 

A year full of travellingCollapse )

First trip of the year is to Sri Lanka! This must be the most random trip ever so I'm hoping that it'll be a good one. I'll be back on the first day of school and I'll have a lesson on that day :/

Hopefully 2013 will be as good or even better than 2012 IA =)
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04 November 2012 @ 04:46 pm
3 out of 5 modules down for the semester. One more research paper *makes whiny whimpering noises* and one final exam. I have 12 more days till the research paper is due but feel really lazy to start on yet another one. This semester has been alright so far but the second research paper for criminal aggression was honestly the most painful.

In the midst of JLPTN3 preparatory class right now...and I passed my N3 mock test =D LOL I know it's not a big deal coz I'm not even taking the real test at the end of the year and it's just mock test but I was ridiculously happy considering how I haven't had any lessons for about half a year and I couldn't even read 75% of the kanji on that paper so to pass was like yayy hahah. Need to spend my December holiday learning kanji for Japanese and Chinese. Chinese coz I'm going to take Chinese 2 next semester =) Quite excited for that although I'm slightly scared of the amount of work I'll have to handle next year. Our modules will be allocated in a few days so hopefully I'll get my top 5 choices. It's supposed to be a slack semester since it will be my last, but one of them is an 8credit module with a 6-hour take home exam so.... not sure how that'll turn out :/

Dramas this seasonCollapse )

Can't wait for the semester to be over! Only 26 more days!! And then I'll be travelling in Dec and January right till the first day of my final semester of school =D Going back to Europe (just one country though) lol never thought I'd be going back so soon but ohwell! And the most random place ever - Sri Lanka. HAHA I mean I have no idea what we're going to do there but it should be fun. The people will be fun and I've travelled with all of them before so it should be a good holiday! 

Just need to survive the rest of this semester. Ganbarou!
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04 October 2012 @ 05:30 pm
I think I'm going crazy coz I just fell in love with kis-my-ft2's fujigaya. I mean they have the most unfortunate name everrr but Fujigaya can seriously act... And he is handsome! And I actually like Tamamori and Kitayama and I'm sure it's because I saw them with smap and then watched their dramas with smap and then began to watch their dramas with them and so now I'm in love. I am no longer capable of being coherent. 

Urgh this feels just like when I was first exposed to Kimura and how I slowly began to love all 5 Smap. 

Currently seriously obsessed over this Fujigaya dude. Someone save me. 
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Had no time to reflect on my trip after I came back coz internship started two days later. Heck, no time to even have any withdrawal symptoms coz work is super intense this time round. I'm now into my 5th day of internship so before I forget the little details, I shall at least record down the list of major cities I visited [i.e. was there for at least half a day and not just in transit] and hopefully when I have the time, will record the things that happened in each. Hopefully I'll have some time to consolidate all the lessons learnt during this Europetrip too. Learnt A LOT about myself - the things I find important, my tolerance level, my feelings, and especially how much I can 'compromise' when it comes to certain values. 

Had the best time of my life during this holiday despite all the dramas that happened. Maybe I'm heartless or something but I didn't miss home at all and obviously didn't want to come back. Life was really too good. I need to travel again soon.

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21 May 2012 @ 12:41 pm
Visited Utrecht, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam! Will be going to Eindhoven to catch our flight to London. I'll remember Holland for its pretty flowers, windmills, ducks, sheep, cows, bicycles and greenery... and the traumatic dining hall exeperience lol. Overall this place is beautiful and I met so many nice ppl...

So on to part 2 of my europe trip!
15 May 2012 @ 05:18 pm
Off for my 'solo' holiday to Europe excitinggg! I shall be safe, healthy and happy IA!

Almost had cold-feet last night because I was thinking of all the drama episodes, concert news I'll be missing but those half-hearted feelings have now been replaced by pure excitement!

Hehe so glad that I went online and saw that Ataru's latest eps was uploaded. Hopefully my connection will be good and I can finish downloading it quickly.

Bye bye for now!
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02 May 2012 @ 03:08 pm
Found a jap drama I can obsess over!



(cross-posting from tumblr)

Slightly SPOILER-ishCollapse )

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29 April 2012 @ 12:37 pm


Oh and I've watched ATARU! Like finally! Chokozai/Nakai is so cute!!! Curry Soup kudasai is my fav scene lol.




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